The Albanian Professional Footballers' Union informs with great pleasure that the process of collecting income from ticket sales for the friendly tournament we held this January in the framework of raising funds for charity in order to help the community affected by the severe earthquake has ended. in our country in November. The total amount received by those who were present at the stadium that day is 5,591,775 ALL. Wanting to thank once again that part of the public that felt and stayed that day on the stairs, a warm thank you goes to all the counterpart unions that came and participated, just as we must greet all the former National lottery players who contributed to this event at their own expense and without question the Albanian Football Federation that enabled the plant to offer an evening as comfortable as possible. in the following we will officially inform in which area and specifically in which buildings we will help with various reconstructions or reconstructions. Knowing very well that perhaps the lack of experience has made us not be brilliant in this first organization, we hope that we will be more and more careful not to produce controversy and discussion, but at the same time we ask from all of you for more understanding given that we were ultimately there to give and in our contribution to a section of the people who still suffer and suffer from the pain that that natural disaster caused. God bless us

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