The ALBANIAN UNION OF PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLERS asks every footballer of Superleague and the First Division, who due to the economic difficulties of their clubs, have not received full salaries according to the contracts they have signed with their clubs.
As you are aware FIFA n.p.m FIFPRO (International Federation of Professional Footballers) is helping footballers around the world to get through this difficult situation.
We must also inform FIFPRO about the difficult situation in which the Albanian footballers are.
Also since we will be launching the football transfer season in the coming months, we urge you to be quite careful in the employment contracts you sign with the football clubs.
Në mungesë të kontratës kolektive,është kjo kontratë individuale e cila do të përcaktojë të drejtat dhe detyrimet që do të keni me klubin e futbollit që do të nënshkruani.
It is this contract, and no other one that will be offered to you (below the table), the legal document to which all the instructors of the AFF will refer in case of conflict.
For this reason, we recommend that in addition to the financial side of the contract, you also consult with your lawyers.
In their absence is the Union which will provide all its assistance in protecting the rights of footballers.

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