The Albanian Professional Footballers' Union was recognized by the sports media on the decision taken by the Football League to boycott the national championship 2020-2021, in case of non-compliance with the four requirements submitted by the League. Of course we do not like football to stop, for no reason. But in the situation where Albanian football is, which the Union has denounced from time to time, we were sure that unfortunately this day would come. As a representative of the footballers' community, the Union had to be called and present its opinion regarding the situation of football in general as well as the boycott of the championship in particular. Although the Albanian Professional Footballers' Union has been deliberately skipped to not be present at meetings where football is discussed, as our voice is considered "Music according to the score in a stony orchestra", today we declare that: We fully support the League's decision to boycott football championship as we consider the requirements of the League legitimate and fully feasible. We wish and believe that this decision of the League has no political connotation as in this case these requests would be forgotten as "Dreams of a summer night". But even in this case it will be us who will remind the League of their commitment taken today to meet these four requirements. As long as we consider this decision of the League to be completely right, the Union will strongly support it.

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