The Albanian Professional Footballers' Union congratulates all its footballers members for the successful completion of the 2019-2020 football edition. A weird football season where initially our beloved game was stopped by the November 26 earthquake and then the pandemic made us experience a football different from the one we grew up with where our masks and controls were added and our fans removed. The fans who are the lungs that give us the breath to resist to the end, that are the adrenaline that makes us fight for every ball, that are our hearts that make us shed tears when it has never left us alone, even when the results ours do not fulfill their dreams. Today we congratulate the footballers of K.F. for their sports results. Tirana, our new champion, the football players of Teuta who won the cup, the footballers of K.F. Apolonia, K.F. Kastrioti and K.F. Vora who with sweat and sacrifice managed to raise their teams to a higher category. Also today we give sports encouragement to the footballers of the two clubs with tradition K.F. The warrior of K.F. Flamurtari. The fall in the first category has caused disappointment to you, the team leaders as well as the fans. But it will be you again who with your work will make staying in the First Category a short stop before returning to where you belong in the Superior Category. But unfortunately, this football edition did not lack the many problems, which being present in every football edition have become a chronic disease for which no solution is being found. The pandemic situation highlighted these problems. Non-compliance with contractual obligations for the payment of footballers, non-payment of social and health obligations of footballers, etc. or violence, suspicions of predetermination of results, arbitrary protagonisms in favor of certain teams, etc. were again present. To minimize these problems, to have a more spectacular football for the fans, more attractive for the sponsors and businesses, more profitable for the football clubs and certainly a better showcase for our footballers, the Union extends its hand of cooperation to the AFF again. The discussion and approval of the collective agreement that we have agreed on is an action in the right direction to improve the football climate in Albania.

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