Among the various problems and concerns that footballers inform the Albanian Professional Footballers' Union, recently has been the fact that some footballers, although they have agreed with various clubs, have not legally managed to close the contractual agreements with these clubs, which are clubs whose market has been blocked by FIFA.
As a defender of the interests of footballers, the union states that this situation has not come because of the behavior of footballers.
As reported also by the sports media, the reason for the blockade of the transfers market, apart from F.C. Partizani, is the inaccuracy of Albanian clubs in fulfilling their contractual obligations with footballers.
n this situation again, the Union calls on all footballers to be very careful in the contracts they sign, which they must consult with their managers or lawyers, and in case of impossibility, and the lawyers of the Union who provide this assistance free of charge.

But this situation of blocking the market for many Albanian clubs should certainly alarm firstly FSHF as the organizer of the competition.
For the Albanian clubs that are in this situation, the measure of suspension of the market must be taken in advance by the responsible structures of FSHF, in accordance with the regulations of FSHF.
When the market of our clubs is blocked by FIFA or UEFA, this is the worst advertisement made to Albanian football in the international arena.

In order to avoid this situation where the Albanian clubs are, we ask the AFF to sign as soon as possible with the Union the collective contract which provides a minimum of financial guarantees from football clubs such as the "guarantee of minimum treatment" of footballers.
Also, this collective contract would reformat the licensing commission of FSHF, which from this situation turns out to be totally inefficient as it has licensed teams without any financial guarantees, which to our knowledge are indebted to many Albanian footballers.

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