We play and rebuild together! The event that brought together the football stars of Albania, Italy, Greece and Turkey on January 10 at Air Albania Stadium in support of the families affected by the earthquake "We play and rebuild together" is this first event realized by the Union of Albanian Professional Footballers. This event was a great realization and with a special cause where the collected money became a contribution to the devastating damage of the November 2019 earthquake. in Albania.

In order for each income from each ticket sold to be a contribution to earthquake victims. The total amount obtained by those who were present at the stadium that day is 5,591,775 ALL. Wanting to thank once again that part of the public that felt and stood that day on the stairs, a warm thank you goes to all the homologous unions that came and participated, just as we should greet all the former players of the National Team who contributed in this event at their own expense and indisputably the Albanian Football Federation which enabled the stadium to offer a more comfortable evening.

The event held in the presence of about 6000 spectators was a real spectacle. This sports event was joined by the art spectacle, with singers Mc Kresha, Finem and Solo and DJ Vin Veli. At the opening of the event 51 white balloons were released by children in the field of play, as an honor to the victims of the earthquake. In terms of games on the field of play, Albania started with Italy, a draw and won by the Italians with penalties. The next match Turkey - Greece was won by Greeks 1-0, to go to the final Italy - Greece closed 1-0 that brought out the winners of this tournament the Italian team

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